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Ice Bear CNC

The machine is based on a ridged high strength aluminium plate construction that has been anodised (any colour can be chosen prior to anodising). The machine will never rust or deteriorate in damp wet conditions.   There are 1”  linear rails made from hardened ground steel with seal kits on all the bearings on all X, Y and Z axis. (NOT a STEEL plate with bearings on either side) These provide exceptional accuracy, ease of movement, strength and reliability and with provided protection of the seal kits keep ice and any particulate out of the bearings.  A weekly greasing is required for maintenance. (I would also suggest a spray with some sort of grease spray like WD40 or equivalent on the rails every few days on initial linear travel before use.)

The machine is driven by three high quality 4.5mm stepper motors that are sealed and IP54 compliant (water and dust resistant). They will not be affected by humidity or moisture. These drive the machine using 1” hardened steal spindles on all axes. The spindles offer consistent accuracy and reliability. They require no re-tensioning or adjustments over time unlike the older rack and pinion chain driven sprockets that have constant increasing backlash. 

The machine is designed to be able to cut a slab from .5” thickness up to a block of 13” in thickness without having to adjust the gantry. The Z axis travel is 30”.

The machine is supported by a mighty 3.7kw 5hp spindle, this has more than enough power to cut through any material and it cuts through the ice with a 7/8 ” or 22.25mm with ease at 118” per minute. Approx. 3 minutes 40 seconds to square a full block.

The machine is controlled using the latest USB/Ethernet technologies which provide smooth consistent operation and is supplied in the package.

In addition, I can offer training on the machine, and I am able to offer my services from designs to toolpaths to help get you up and running at a fair cost. Lead time is 9 – 12 weeks

Price: £28,700.00 ($37,000) for the machine and I offer 5 years warranty and lifetime technical support as standard. (Price includes crating for transport)

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