Easter Bunny

7 Steps of Sculpting

  • Design- Apply the design
  • Silhouette- Cut out the silhouette
  • Blocking in- Push back the levels
  • Rounding- Cut off the corners
  • Sanding- Smooth the ice
  • Details- Add refractive angles
  • Clean- Remove small scratches & chips of ice
Start with 1 block of ice

Stick the template on with some water

Click here for a drawing of the Easter Bunny

Using a tracing bit

Draw through the paper &

transfer your design

Remove the template paper

Using a chainsaw

Cut out the Silhouette of the Sculpture

Be sure your cuts are 90 degrees

Using a Large Burr

Push in your reference lines to the right depth

Using a chainsaw,

Push back all of the levels. This is where having your reference lines the right depth equates to efficiency.

Because of the reference lines the ice will drop away cleanly.

Using a 1 1/2″ Hiryu Chisel

Round off all of the corners. This step is easy if the previous one is done correctly.

The above chisel is the one we reach for most often when carving 1 and 2 block carvings.

Using a Pistol grip Sanding Kit & a Large Burr,

Smooth out all of the large surfaces

Using a Face Bit,

Carve in the facial features

Using the tracing bit,

Draw the basket lines on the backpack

Using a Medium Vee Bit,

Add some details to the tail & body

Using a Large Burr & a 1 1/2″ Hiryu Chisel,

Clean out a hole in the back pack

Using a hose clean off the sculpture
A similar bunny, Carved By Jeff (Right hand man)