Alcohol Related

12′ Logo Bar w/ 2 Goose luges & Spiral Luge

(9 Blocks)

Spiral Luge
Logo Bar (2 Block)

12′ Accordion Bar with logos & Luges

(9 Blocks)

Spiral Luge Solid
Martini Spiral luge

8′ Bar w / solid spiral luge, 1/2 block vodka rack

& Abstract swooshes

(7.5 Blocks)

Plinko Luge
Martini Glass Luge

16′ Column Bar w / 2 Luges

(10 Blocks)

X luge
Heart Luge
H Bar (2 Blocks) +bottle holder
Table Top Bar

4 Bottle Luge (shown with 2 bottles)

The Luge comes out the front

Logo in oval with 1 bottle holder
Bottle holder / logo

Monogram with 1 bottle holder on

Curvy bottle holder base

Vodka rack
1/2 Block Rocky Bottle holder
logo with 1 bottle holder
H Bar (2 Blocks) +bottle holder
Ice Tower
Beverage Dispenser