Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my card not charged immediately?

We do not run your card until we have packaged your order and calculated all costs.  You will never be charged more than what your invoice lists, with the exception of products that are noted to have additional charges.

Why does the Shipping Charge seem too high?

Our site sometimes estimates too high on shipping costs. If the actual shipping cost is less, we will adjust your invoice prior to charging your card.  Some of the best examples are Poly Plank Foam.  Because of the size of the box, UPS charges us by the “Dimensional Weight”, what they say a box that size should weigh, and not the Actual Weight Click Here To Read More About Dimensional Weight

Do you offer freight shipping?

Yes we do.   You can also that you want freight shipping in the order notes.  We will then contact our freight shipper and get a quote and email it to you.  Getting the shipping quote may delay your shipment