Have your block
makers slowed down?
Want to increase production?The machines pictured went from 8 days in the summer
to 3.5 days!!

Follow these 3 steps to replace the Heat Conducting
Paste in your machine-

Open the Lid

(A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step:)


Using a drill with a long extension, remove the block
cans. This should take less than a 1/2 hour. (a
flashlight helps)


Remove the screws (& clips) that hold the
coil assembly down

img_3737>Using a
cut off wheel, grind away the 6 screws at the end of edge of the coil
assembly(3 on each side)

img_3738Remove the top plate

Notice there are different size
spacers. (machines differ)

Some machines have
foam spacers, some metal

img_3739Clean the
underside of the top plate with a wire brush and hose(outside is best)Dry before reinstalling

old foam (you may have to replace)Home Depot sells Pink foam that you
can cut on a table saw<
img_3745>Use wire
brush and mineral spirits to clean the copper lines.Clean out the

img_3746Replace the spacers

***(Not all machines use the same

We had to make new ones for this machine


Put about 2.5 cups of heat
conducting paste in a ziploc bag & Microwave for 1-3 minutes. (you will
use 2 bags)

Cut a SMALL hole in the corner of the bag and
use it to apply like a pastry bag.

1 Gallon is enough for 3 machines.


Use Paste only on straight parts of the pipe. (not on

Be generous (use 1/3 gallon per machine)


This part can be messy, take your time & wear old clothes

Wear gloves, or your hands may look
like this.


He washed them 3 times with mineral spirits


Replace the top plate carefully as to
displace the paste.

Start by reattaching the clips.

(Use the short screws that came with
the machine)

You will NOT be able to replace the
side screws.

Add 9 long Screws-

3 screws (per side) along the far
right and left hand side. It is important to install them as close
to the edge as possible (so they don’t interfere with the cans later.
Add 3 additional screws right
down the middle of the plate. You may want to drill a pilot hole for
the ones that don’t already have a hole.

Use the long Screws in the kit.

img_3805Reassemble the cans in the machine
in this order- Long outside panels, short panels, long center panels. Use
the short screws from the kit.