Chainsaw Comparison

This page is dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of 2 good chainsaws-

Makita 5012B 5012b high res
Stihl E-140e 140
Bar Length- 12″
Bar Length- 14″ (Recommended)

The 12″ bar of the Makita allows you to stand closer to the block & provides a bit more balance to the tool. The Stihl has 2″ of extra reach which makes it a bit more versatile. (Some carvers choose a 16″ bar for the Stihl)

Weight- 10 lbs
Weight- 9 Lbs.

Even though the Makita weighs 10% more than the Stihl, it has a lighter feel. Probably because of the 12″ bar

Chain Speed- 5500 FPM
Chain Speed- 4000 FPM

The Makita’s chain speed is quite a bit faster. This allows it to cut melting ice faster. The Stihl has ample power & a slower chain speed. This means that the chainsaw will not bog down in cold ice. A high speed gear is available for the Stihl

Noise- Loud & Whinny
Noise- Smoother

Many Carvers will not use a Makita because of the annoying sound it makes

Adjusting the chain- Tools
Adjusting the chain- Toolless

The Stihl does not need any tools to adjust the chain tension, a definite plus.

Amps- 11.5
Amps- 11.7

Although they appear to have equal power this is deceiving. The Stihl has much more power. This is magnified in cold ice.

Carver Feedback about this page-

There are a few more things I like about the Makita that are not mentioned on your website.  The Makita is better for cutting curves through the ice where the stihl is better for straight lines.  The Makita can take a curve much tighter while the Stihl would have to be plunged to make the same curve.  Also, the tip of the Makita is much more effective at roughing out or “sanding” than the Stihl—I realize this is not it’s primary use but if you are just doing quick roughing and don’t want to pick up another tool—there you go.  I think you are mostly correct about Makitas and cold ice though I find it cuts like butter with a sharp chain in cold or warm ice.   Stephan A. Koch

 I use the Stihl.  More comfortable grip, less cramped that the Makita Quieter Longer Bar I have been using the same saw for 6 yrs with only 1 problem a trigger switch failed.  Martin King