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What is a Perkins grant?-

“Carl Perkins” grants are federal grants even though every state has a separate application form.

There are grants for High School & separate grants for College

The Grants are issued for 1 time tool purchases to Vocational Programs.

July 1 – July 1 is the fiscal year. Plan ahead

Tips on writing effective Perkins grants-

Work closely with your vocational programmer (a sandwich goes a long way:)

If you have a grant writer, ask them for help.

Place emphasis on what will change for whom or who will do what in describing the expected outcomes.

Find out your schools Master Goal & use terms from it.

Activities and outcomes must be directly related, and can be measured in numbers or percentages.

Include the HVAC program if appropriate.

Specify numbers of students, staff, etc., who will participate in planned activities.

Grants under $5000 don’t need 3 bids

Use phrases like-


Creates jobs

Highly specialized skill

The tools are for student use

Aligns with ACF guidelines & current standards

The Perkins collaborative research network-

Follow this link to see useful Perkins grant information. This page is for Michigan, but may help with your state.

For more information feel free to contact these ice carving coaches, they have written successful Perkins grants for their programs-

Jeff Lao

Doug Ganhs