CNC Blower System

A blower system cuts down on clean out time dramatically. Use a Makita Blower instead of an external air compressor to help with warm air issues.
attach a flexible tube to the end of the blower. After that attach it to a wood plate using zip ties. Zip tie the trigger so that it is always on. Mount the unit above the spindle, on the Z axis so that it will move up and down with it.
As for power, we have an outlet wired so that it is only on when the spindle is on, this way we do not have to worry about turning the blower on and off for each program. There is also a switch that will shut off the blower if we do not want to blow out the snow.
We also cover the intake and fans with socks which act as filters. This prevents the fans from being damages by caked on snow.
On longer programs (1 Hour+) the spindle can generate enough heat that the snow that hits it (because it was blown in the air by the blower) will melt and drip into the carving causing it to slush up. Consider making a clean out program, where you can run the bit dramatically faster, and only use the blower during the clean out program
The Blower System also works well with a drill press and sphere table system