Side of Block

head1Draw a template on template paper & attach with water
head2Using a Zip Bit, cut out the sillouette
head3aFor the next step you will need a layout jig or a compass so you can mark a center line
Mark a center line front and back
head4Locate the ear on the backside with either another paper template, a hard template (pictured), or freehand draw it.
Using a Bullet burr 125, push down 2 lines for either side of the face.
head6Still using the Bullet burr 125 remove the ice next to each side of the nose.
Next round & shape the head, again using the Bullet burr 125
Using a Face Burr Wide, refine the shapes
head10Using a Face burr, Shape the dental arch
head11Using a Face burr, Shape the lips
head12Face burr, shape the eye bulges
head13Using a Face burr, refine the eyes
head14Using an Ice Needle, Detail the eyes
head15Face burr, Shape the ears
head16Using Green sand paper, Hand sand the whole head
head17Apply heat with a propane torch (before)
Ice Carving head19One of the students heads
Ice Carving head21I gave it a try too
Ice Carving head22Each of the students heads