Glacier Ice

Mike & Tammy Yoder recently gave us a tour of their ice plant.

What an amazing place. They had 600 blocks being made at once.

Blocks are made in cans that are submerged in brine (salt water)

Blocks can be made in 2 days. That works out to harvesting 300 blocks per day.

Blocks are harvested 12 Cans at a time.

The cans are dipped in warm water.

A small amount of water is added to the top, to float the blocks
The water is poured off
The blocks easily slide out of the cans
The cans are then refilled & returned to the brine

Then the blocks go through this diabolical 12 saw scoring machine.

See the video in the next panel

This machine was made in the 40’s & is still going strong.

Mike had the simple ingenious idea of freezing a 20″ x 20″ x 45″ block

Notice the bubblers in each block (they circulate the water)

2 Big blocks fit nicely on a pallet
Once the 600 lb. block is harvested, they split it down the middle to create two crystal clear blocks.
What a simple idea!!! Crystal clear ice
They are going to be experimenting with 20″ x 30″ x 45″ block next.
Their ice is used to make all of the ice for the Gaylord displays. Tammy is the color Diva who mixes up the colors to meet exacting specifications.
They run a very efficient plant allowing them to pass the savings on to you.Glacier Block Company

Tammy & Mike Yoder