Spiral Tubes

spiral-tubing-freezing-in-ice-1Start with one of our new spiral tubes
spiral-tubing-freezing-in-ice-2Slide a funnel into the tube
Slide 2 seals over the post on the long Spiral Tubing Bracket & slide the funnel end of the tube over the blue seals
Now slide one seal over the short Spiral Tubing Bracket & push the end of the tube over the blue seal
Only push it on about a 1/2″ !!!
Now you are ready to put the whole assembly in the block maker

spiral-tubing-freezing-in-ice-7Place the clips in the block maker

(Notice we are using 2 pumps on day 1)

Cut a stick to fit snugly between the plates

This will hold the plates firmly against the can until they freeze in. (remove after day 1)

Harvest the block & remove the brackets

Click Here to see how we carve this into an ice luge