The base pieces (made from 4″ ice)
We cut all of the pieces for the dispenser on the CNC
All of the fuses are done with Aluminum
The base pieces frozen together
Turn upside down & add the footer
This photo shows the footer frozen on
Turn back right side up
This photo shows the first of 3 top levels
1st Top level frozen on
This photo shows the Second of 3 top levels
Second top level frozen on
This photo shows the Third of 3 top levels
Third top level frozen on
Slide the tubing onto the Tap
Cut the tube at an angle
It should look like this
Heat up threaded nipple
Burn into the center of the bowl with the hot nipple
On the inside of the bowl, place rubber o ring over the threaded nipple.
Place a washer over the threaded nipple on the outside of the bowl
Tighten 2 nuts (1 on the inside & 1 on the outside)
Slide the tube up into the L shaped tunnel
Trim the tube as low as possible
Place the bowl into the top of the sculpture, make sure the threaded nipple goes down into the tube. (twist the bowl as you insert the nipple into the tube)
Finished beverage dispenser, after sanding & detailing.
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