Textures In Ice

Use a Bubble bit to make 1/2 Spheres

bubble bit Silver dollar size (2″)

Make a Dime sized bubble

Use a Vee BitĀ  to make a Dot texture

Use a Bull nose bit to make large pebbles

Use a chiselĀ  to make Chip chop texture

Use a Vee bitĀ  to make small pebble texture

Use aĀ  Japanese texture saw

Use a tracing bitĀ  to make snow filled texture

Use aĀ Ā  to make bullet burr unplugged texture

Use aĀ  Vee bit to make Waterford texture

Use a Gouge ChiselĀ  to make a Scoop Texture

Use a pistol grip sanderĀ  to make clear texture

Use a Vee ChiselĀ  to make Straight Vee lines

Use a Wire Brush to make Wire brush texture

Use Green sand paperĀ  to make Hand sanded texture

Use Gum freezeĀ  to make a Marbleized texture