High Speed Gear

Installation instructions for high speed gear:

Remove Plastic Cover, bar & chain

Remove “C” clip (be careful not to lose it)

Remove old gear & replace with new High Speed Gear

Place Fender Washer on gear & replace “C” clip (again be careful not to lose it)

Be sure to align “C” clip to the recesses in the shaft.

Mark off a 1/4″ on your bar (shown here in red)

Grind off that 1/4″

(use either a bench grinder or a “hummer” wheel on a die grinder)


If you have an E140, cut away some of the orange plastic on the inside of the cover that goes over the gear. (otherwise the chain will rub)

An E-14 will not need modifying

Replace the plastic cover

You will probably need to add 1 tooth to your 3/8″ chain.

We carry a chain for a 14″ bar that has an extra tooth.

Run chain a little tighter than usual to prevent it from coming off the sprocket at high speed.