Spiral Luge

 Consider the following to be the 7 Steps of every ice sculpture-

7 Steps of Sculpting

  • Design- Apply the design
  • Silhouette- Cut out the silhouette
  • Blocking in- Push back the levels
  • Rounding- Cut off the corners
  • Sanding- Smooth the ice
  • Details- Add refractive angles
  • Clean- Remove small scratches & chips of ice
Start with a block of ice that has a tube frozen inside
Attach a template
Using a chainsaw, trace on the template
(cut upwards when tracing with a chainsaw)
Because we carve at room temperature, we can remove the template
Cut out the silhouette or “Cookie Cutter’
Make sure your cuts are very straight while cutting out the silhouette
Cut in the 4 reference lines about 2″
Make 4 angle cuts to the reference lines
Using a 5″ Super disc, Sand all of the surfaces
Using a Pistol Grip Sander, Sand all of the surfaces
Using a 1/2″ Drill & a Hole Drill start drilling the hole
Change the angle once the hole is started
Using a die grinder & a 1/4″ end mill, cut a drain hole from the back
Using the tip of the saw cut in the detail lines
Clean your sculpture
Pour a shot of Alcohol through the Tube
(this ensures that no water will freeze in tube)
Finished Spiral luge

Click here to see how we freeze in the spiral luge
(After a few tries, this design should take about 10 – 15 minutes to carve)