Hand Saws

Start with both blocks positioned horizontally

Lift 1 block up (go a 1/2″ higher than flush)

Slide top block onto bottom block

Carefully position the top block

For this sculpture I need a 5″ overhang

Using a sawing motion, run the handsaw through the seam

This will remove ice from the ice that is touching

Repeat this process from the other side

Repeat until both surfaces touch nicely

Using a Large Ladle, pour water over the top of the block

The water will be chilled as it runs down the surface of the ice & into the seam

Repeat this process on the back side.

I recommend a large ladle

Water should fill in the entire area.

Be patient, it takes a few minutes to freeze

This moose was carved from the above ice.

You can see why we needed to offset the top block by 5″

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