Modify a Chain

First, unplug your saw & clamp it to a work table.

(I like to work about 40″ off the ground)

Make the cutting tooth narrower-

Wear eye protection for this, sparks will be flying

Using a mini grinder with a fine 3″ disc

Trim the thickness of the cutter tooth down to 2/3 it’s original thickness. Do this slowly to avoid a burr.

Shorten the raker-

Using a mini grinder with a fine 3″ disc, grind the top down on the little guide tooth in front of the cutter. Next, put a bevel on what is left of the raker. The bevel should be angled toward the middle of the chain.

Angle the back of the cutting tooth-

Using a mini grinder with a fine 3″ disc, nip off the back corner of the cutting tooth.

This will allow the chain to travel over the tip easier

Now sharpen the chain. (even a fresh chain out of the box isn’t sharp enough for me)Do all of the above at your own risk!!!

These methods will create a very fast saw, however they remove some of the safety features built into a chain for cutting wood. DO NOT EVER use this chain on wood. It will kick back & bite you

I was using a chain modified in the ways mentioned above on a piece of wood (Bad Idea). It kicked back & gave me over 30 stitches (9 below the skin)

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!