Above- One minute video showing how to carve a Cylinder

Below- Step by step instruction

Use a layout jig & chainsaw to make a rectangle 9″ x 9″ x 20″

Multiply the width of the cylinder by .29 (in this case 9 x .29=2.61)

2.5 is then what you should set your layout jig for

Scribe 8 lines on the rectangle (2 on each of the four 20″ sides)

Using a chainsaw, cut off the corners.

Really focus on your cuts, making sure to not cut into the cylinder & not stray away from the line.

Notice the foam under the carving? This protects your saw

Using a Nail sander, Gently knock off the 8 corners created by your chainsaw
Using a Small scratchy board Scratch the surface until round
Using a pistol grip sander, sand the whole surface
carve a cylinder from ice 8
Finished cylinder after spraying with a hose

Finished Cylinders incorporated into a designs