Start with a clear block maker
Open the lid
Place a Plastic liners in the well
Place a Heavy Duty Clip at each end
Fill the well to about 2″ from the top
This shows a full well
Place a Pump in opposing corners
Close the lid overnight

The next day remove 1 pump

Once the block is the desired thickness open

up the lid

Remove the 1 remaining Pump
Using a sump pump, suck out the water. Some use vacuums, we like to have up to 3 pumps working simultaneously. We also have a network of PVC, so a drain isn’t more than 6′ away
Clip in your lifter bar with Heavy duty lifter bar plates
We carry the block to the band saw with an overhead crane
Remove the lifter bar
Remove the Clip with a 6 prong pick or an Ice pick
Trim the blocks to the desired thickness