Carver Feedback

“Thanks for everything you do for the industry !!!”- Jeff PennyPacker, Ice Carver

“I really admire your sculpting and the work you do for the ice sculpting community.  Since I found I have been using the display equipment and tools non-stop since I received them and have had only great results with everything.  I have had nothing but compliments on my new color changing display lights.  I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for everything you do.”- Miles Carey, Ice Carver

“I like what you are doing with your website with the instructional videos and demonstrations of the tools”- Michael Bickelhaupt, Ice Carver

“Thank you for everything today.  My students enjoyed the day and really learned a lot.  I also learn every time you carve” Michael Edwards, Ice Carving Instructor

“I Wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I truly appreciate your willingness to share your wealth of knowledge.  I also wanted to be sure you understand the impact you have on my ice carving abilities.  You have taught me much of what I know about ice carving.  Through the time with my students at your studio & watching you at various venues & numerous workshops.  I hope you realize this does have a trickle down effect that touches many more people than you realize”- Kristian Smith, Ice Carving instructor

“Thank you for your e-mail, it’s great ,nice photos”-  Frantishek Balek, Ice Carver

“Please add me to your newsletter.  A thousand thank you’s for sharing all of your tips and techniques so generously!!!!”-   Curtis Labitue, Ice Carver

“Attached is my first silver medal piece.. It would not have been possible without all the help you have given me on design, carving technique and management. Thank you” Isaac Delamatre, Ice Carver

“Great articles you been sending out, I’ve been sharing them with our  students”- Alan L. Romano, CEC, CCE, AAC

“Thank you so much for your continuous sharing,  I really appreciate the educational emails”- Sarah Toone, Ice Carver

“I enjoy your site very much, a wealth of info, I learned quite a bit.  Thank you for your time”- Andrew Gertler, Ice and sand carver

“Thanks for sharing your expertise with a guy that is still in the “one guy and a chainsaw” level of the ice carving business”.  David Bromley, Ice Carver

“I always look forward to your info.  I was in a competition over the weekend.  I reviewed your info on fusing & did 3 geese in flight with added head, neck and wings, thx” Robert A. Lo Furno, Ice Carver

“What you have contributed  and opened yourself up to for the advancement of the craft and the industry have always been impressive and inspiring.”  Shintaro Okamoto, Okamoto studio

“Thanks for all of the cool tips on your site”-  Paul Ray , Ice sculptor

“I spent a hour on your web site and I just wanted to tell you thanks, you singly have done more to make me a better carver than all of the things I have learned from all other sources combined. The tools I got from you are great. I know that I will someday be able to share new and useful ideas I have with you”.- Kent Merrill, Ice Carver

“Thanks for all your support and guidance”- Charlie Jones, Ice Carver

“I appreciate your weekly emails,  Please keep up the awesome work.”- Mark Lund, Ice Carver

“Thank you for the gifts, and also all the work that you and your company do for the industry. I look forward to hearing and learning more from you.”- Sean Leahy, Ice Carver

“I use you webpage a lot, to get some new ideas and to know some new ways of doing things.  It´s a wonderful page you have.  Thank you for sharing that”- Morton Mikklesen, Ice Carver Denmark

“Great class in head carving. I just made a bunch of heads for the surfing piece we chatted about at the show. This is great information thanks for sharing your technique” Don Chapelle, Ice Carver

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Your website is very inspiring.”-Lennart Landh, Sweden

“I get your newsletter on my personal email account and really appreciate your sharing of knowledge”- Jeff Bane, Ice Carving Instructor

“Ciao Aaron, congratulation for your web site, it is just the right way to improve this art form, carving ice is first an art form, and after could be a decorations for chef industry. Thank you for your energy that you make in this. We all know that you are a special carver and your web site is the demonstration of it. Keep going on.”- Amelio Mazzella, Ice Carver, Italy

“I just wanted to thank you for all your informative and helpful tips.  Many times now I’ve gained from the things I read on your website and just wanted you to know that your effort is honestly truly appreciated.  Thanks again and keep up your great work”- David Hubbard, Ice Carver

All of the carvers that find this website a good source, Thank you. I will strive to keep improving it.

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