7 Steps to Systematic Carving

A. Why should you use the 7 Systematic Steps?-

1. Consistency
By creating a path for your mind to follow, a more consistent product will emerge.
2. Efficiency
Always using the same steps to make different carvings will create efficiency in motion.
3. Confidence
You will gain confidence through repetition.

B. The 7 Systematic Steps-

1. Design
Using a template, transfer your design to the ice.
2. Punch out
Using a chainsaw cut out the silhouette
Keep all cuts at 90 degrees
Be very precise, avoid overcuts
Use a die grinder for tight turns & spaces
3. Blocking In
Most difficult step to learn
Push in reference lines with a die grinder
Use a chainsaw to push back levels
4. Rounding
Cut off the corners using a combination of these 3 tools
– Chainsaw
– Chisel
– Die grinder with a shaping bit
5. Sanding
Using an angle grinder or pistol grip sander, sand the areas you would like to have smooth & free of tool marks.
6. Detailing
Apply detail with a Vee bit or similar. Add textures for contrast
7. Cleaning
Clean all slush, drips, snow, & small tool marks.

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