An unassembled Fountain Pump kit
Notice the directions. This will assist the delivery person (& the caterer when the beverage runs out & is refilled)
Screw the white female barb onto the pump
Screw the black male barb into the pump.
Slide the 6″ tubing over the white barb, Secure with a cable tie
Slide valve into 6″ tubing, Secure with a cable tie
Slide 1 of the long tubes onto the other end of the valve
Secure with a cable tie
(This valve controls the liquid pumping out the end of this tube)
Heat up threaded nipple
Burn into the center of the bowl with the hot nipple
On the inside of the bowl, place rubber o ring over the threaded nipple.
Place a washer over the threaded nipple on the outside of the bowl
Tighten 2 nuts (1 on the inside & 1 on the outside)
Slide the second long tube onto the threaded nipple
Secure with a cable tie
Slide the other end onto the Black barb
You have created a loop
(except where the liquid is flying through the air)
This step by step shows how to put the parts together
The photo to the right shows 1 way to incorporate it into an ice sculpture
The valve controls the distance the water shoots out
Fountains make champagne flat