R2-D2 3d Relief CNC Machine Code


All the tool paths to run a 3D R2-D2 on your CNC with a 9.5 inch block.  Current supported formats are Shopbot, Bulldog, Laguna, and Standard G-Code.  Includes optional toolpaths for snowfills of the blue areas on R2D2

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Size on CNC – X=0 to 40 Y=0 to 20 Z=0 to -9.5
Origin Point – Bottom Left Corner on surface of the ice (This may vary from your normal orgin point.  All X and Y coordinates are positive in this program)
Toolpaths included – 7/8″ Cutout Bit, 1/2″ 8″ OAL Ball (all separate Files)
Notes – CNC Endmill holder need for 1/2″ to reach 9″ deep to ensure your spindle will not hit the ice between R2’s legs
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